Our Little Lighthouses

Here we are! Our magnificent light from our lighthouse structures.  The children all problem solved to create their working light model and added the fresnel lenses to push the light further.  This required lots of science skills and knowledge, some fine motor for controlling the screwdriver and winding the wires and lots of patience but they are so worth it! Well done everyone! I’m so impressed.

This learning has been popped home in their learning record for them to share with you at home.  If we could please have the learning records back by Tuesday that would be fantastic! Thank you 🙂

Creating Lighthouses

For our Key Assessment Task we have been creating lighthouse type technology using motors, fresnel lenses and motors!

P4 will be sending home their Key Assessment Tasks for people at home to share in the learning this Friday. Please can we have them back to school at the beginning of next week.

Stay tuned for photos once everyone has completed there task.

Little Lighthouses

We shared our home learning on Friday. There was lots of wonderful information on lots of different lighthouses around the world and I was very impressed to see how much effort everyone put into their research.

Well done everyone!

Amazing Achievements

Here are some of our out of school achievements for the past couple of weeks.

Madison and her amazing first for sparring against 36 others and 3rd in special tech against 50 others in Tae Kwon Do

Anya and her medal for Gymnastics after performing in Perth

Shaun and his shinty medal.

Well done everyone!